Did you know that each year Webster’s dictionary has a Top Ten List of words which have the possibility of being added to the dictionary? The number one word for this past year was WOOT. You know, when your favorite Nascar driver zooms bye you holler “Woot Woot“!

The number 5 word is “Blamestorm“. Instead of brainstorming and coming up with solutions, we gather in a room and find someone to strap to the stake. I’m sorry, but I’d rather knee myself in the face 5 times. 
This got me thinking about blame in our current culture. Here are a few of my favorites:(which i’ve probably used them all)
1) My DNA made me do it. “I’m this way because my grandpa was”  hmmm
2) Watch the British Parliament on CSPAN for some serious finger pointing.
3) The church doesn’t function like I think it should, so I’m taking my ball and going home.
4) Blame it on the Baby Boomers!! ( Social Security, The environment, El Nino etc)
ok, I’m sounding cynical….so here’s my point.
I was so relieved when my boss and pastor said in a meeting “We thought we made the right decision and we didn’t. I made a mistake and we will try to correct it”. This decision has had a fairly large fall out, but I thought he demonstrated incredible leadership by saying, I messed up. 
I don’t have the perspective to make this call, but it seems to me that BLAMESTORMING is at an all time high with a record amount of political talk shows and feisty blogs  who are out on a witch hunt. 
Blog Benediction: “Talk is cheap, but actually living out our convictions is another story” While it sounds cliche, hopefully the change I’d like to see will start with me.
– young nathan