Dearest Elder Jacob,

I was deeply convinced that you are an off the chart nerd when I saw 8 words in your entry that I’ve never heard before. To my delight,  your creativity came through at the end and your image has been restored. Thanks be to God.

At the expense of sounding like a heretic, I shall tell you what I think happens to be the “Elephant in the Room” when it comes to being “green”. While it seems really trendy to be GREEN, I have to admit that there are a fair share of naysayers who think that Global Warming is a good scare tactic, but not totally true. I also admit that I am a “negative nancy” about recycling after I have heard several allegations of our sorted waste heading right for the dump.
I agree Dr. Jake that caring for our world is not political for me, it’s biblical. I too have opened my eyes to some growing concerns in this area….not ready to join Green Peace, Peta or hang out with Al Gore, but I’m becoming more aware.
Not trying to be narrow minded, just trying to sift through the poo to find the truth!
(PS- has anyone seen An Inconvenient Truth? thoughts? ) 
one of the quotes on this web page is ” It’s difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon him not understanding it”     
– too which I’ll say “SNAP”

the younger