I think the church is just as likely to follow fads as a 15 year old girl. Fair? In the last 5 years alone we have seen Seeker Churches, Peeker Churches, Home Churches, Post Modern churches, Simple Churches and now Organic Churches. Not that these divisions are new, the Baptist denomination alone has almost 75 offshoots (my favorite is the Primitive Baptist Church…I’ve always wondered if they have open fire pits inside, eat turkey legs and have larger than normal foreheads)

In the last year, something remarkable happened in the evangelical church world. Bill Hybels of Willow Creek church published a humble document called “Reveal”. This disclosed to the world that many of their edgey and flashy philosophies and practices have come up short. The highly attractional, seeker model had fallen short in equipping folks to trust in Christ over the long haul. It remains to be seen whether or not the JILLION churches who copied this model will admit the same things. I personally have more respect for the mega-church after I read this book that basically said “we thought we were producing fruit, but not like we thought. Has God used the Willow Creek Mega Ministry? YES. Were they off course in theology and practice? Hmmm…that’s not my call.
So here is what makes me nervous: In our attempt to “make church and the gospel relevant“, what have we sacrificed? My generation is very passionate and non-committal, which could be good and dangerous for the church. I think our “flaky-ness” has sent us on the hunt to birth trendy churches….so what could be the colatteral damage when the fad ends? Oh My!
So here’s my main point:
Is it possible to be welcoming to the outsider, deep in theology, entrenched in mission and engage our ever-changing culture all in one church????
i sure hope so.
the younger