I am especially thankful for the 2 women in my life who continue to shape me into the guy I want to be. This week was our 4th anniversary and last week was mother’s day, so this is a late thank you to my momma and my wife.

It seems to be a volatile issue in many circles when it comes to the role of women. I’m not a feminist (is that physically possible?), but I continue to realize the power of women in my life. Some folks will die at the stake before they let women lead in church, but my response is that women have been running the church my entire life from vacation church school to mission trips. I won’t go too far down this rabbit trail, but I will stop by saying that I have greatly benefited from the many female influences in my church upbringing….so thank you!
One thing that sticks out to me is my mother’s voice. While I have great memories of her belting out her Christmas Cantatas or harmonizing with the Gaither Vocal Band in her little honda accord, I’m not talking about her singing voice. I’m grateful for her spiritual voice.
It’s was strong, but not out of line. It was that voice that constantly stood up for the underdog and reminded that dog that “they were precious in His sight”. It was that voice that spoke up to those whose goal in life was to blow out everybodys candle. I can remember an incident when a man came into our church and said some incredibly hurtful things to an elderly pastor. My mother chased this giant of a man out into the parking lot, bellied up to him and firmly let him know that he was out of line. It’s her voice that speaks scripture with confidence and it is her actions that have been the very hands and feet of Christ. While my mom will never make headlines like Bono, she seems content to be a daily servant in the small things knowing that our God is in the business of making “big” out of “small”.
(i just realized that I used the past tense for my mom as if she has died, she hasn’t and I don’t know why i did that. 
So here is my confession: I haven’t always appreciated women in leadership until I have stopped and thought of what true leadership is and how it has shaped my life. So Mom and Kim, I apologize if I have ever been a pig and I thank you both for your voices!
What a profound day it will be when all voices of the body of Christ are heard at the same decibel level. 
sorry for the ramble…
the younger