Point #1: We live in a particular cultural moment. That means that all of our thoughts and actions are products of our environment: social, political, religious, pop-cultural, etc.

Point #2: Jesus preached and lived a counter-cultural Gospel. That means that what it means to be a Christ-follower is not always the same as what it means to be an American.

I make these two points because I constantly ask myself the following question: Are my thoughts on this (or any) particular issue a result of my understanding of the Gospel, or do I feel this way because of my cultural placement? In what ways does my faith (or understanding of the Gospel) come in direct conflict with my culture?

So, is the issue of women in church leadership a Biblical/theological/Christ issue, or is it a cultural issue? I argue that it is our cultural prejudice that keeps women out of the pulpit, not Jesus.

Dad mentioned the other night that this discussion is exactly what this blog is all about. This is the threshing floor where it is vital to find the Truth in cultural squabbles.

the elder

Props for Nate being so vulnerable. Not much gets accomplished if we can’t be real.