Dr. Brother,

Both of your points below have teeth and have furthered my “chewing” on this subject. Your point does lead me down yet another rabbit trail.
The time and place of the accounts of Jesus are vastly different than our current American culture. At what point does changing or dismissing things because of “cultural differences” go too far? or does it? In church history we have seen scriptural abuse towards african americans and women, now the full the ordination of gay/lesbian folks is the new hot topic. We can and have all argued these issues, but what about some of the others. Tithing, gleaning and traditional forms of worship don’t seem like they fit in our current context, so do we chuck ’em? Not trying to be flippant, but we seem to approach the Bible with a cookbook mentality of “use the ingredients you like and leave the ones out that give you heartburn”. That is referred to as “versitis” when we manipulate, ignore or pull scripture out of context so it is more palatable.
Paul says to his little pal Timothy that he should “watch his doctrine and life closely”. It has become abundantly clear to me that I am called to wrestle, wrestle and wrestle some more with my faithful understanding of God’s word because my hands, feet and mouth seem to follow my convictions……..and that can be glorious or an absolute debacle!
back at ya
the younger