In conversations I have had this week I have been put in 3 camps so far; 1) Fundamentalist 2) Liberal and 3) dwelling in minutia. Thanks for your comments, now I have an identity crisis! Just kidding….I am stable….somewhat.

Here are some of my responses and Jake can speak for himself.
a) If one of us is not being “scriptural”, then please comment using scripture and your faithful interpretation of it.
b) This is a “no-hata” zone. Our hope is to grow despite our differences.
c) Minutia: as stated in our focus of the blog, we will dabble and disagree in the peas and carrots, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love meat and potatoes more….we do. Both of us love Jesus and seek to serve him and grow in him. So for the record, fuel efficient cars, women elders and trendy churches will never trump our first focus on Christ. Word.
d) Liberal and Conservative: What do those mean anymore???? Those are 2 loaded words. Here is a tiny mantra I have learned, “Once you label me, you negate me”.
e) As a friend of mine always says, “We are seekers of the truth, not possessors of it”. So we will continue to seek. Yes I have convictions and they sometimes morph and change as I grow spiritually on this crazy little journey called life.