Sloth: aversion to work; laziness.

Dear Brother Tender Tummy,
When you wrote this entry I once again “boxed you in” as my dainty older brother who can get full from a few organic cumquats a handful of capers and a side of couscous. The picture you would probably paint of me is similar to that of good ole’ Sloth from the Goonies, devouring his Rocky Road ice cream with his new friend Chunk.
Ok ..joking aside. I’m not where you are on this one yet or maybe ever. I applaud you for your awareness on this issue. When I found out that a normal portion should fit in the palm of your hand I was flabbergasted. In my travels to many developing nations I always struggle to get full at any meal. Can I blame this on our culture? The Golden Corral? The fact that I have the restraint of a rhino in heat? I ate lunch with 2 guys from Mongolia last week and they stared at me as I devoured several plates from the local pizza parlor. In my tactful way I asked them for their opinions about american cuisine. The answer: TOO MUCH. (i put down my cinna-stick in shame)
I can say this with confidence: when we (I) have anything in abundance, it is almost natural to abuse it and have no reason to trust God to continue to provide it.
So Elder Jake, read your books and let me know the cliff note version. I am somewhat aware and willing to listen. Asking me to back off on what I eat and how much I eat is like asking you to not listen to your depressing music anymore.
Bring it on Donkey Kong,
the younger