(or wins)

Submitting to our God (the Authority) is the beginning, middle, and end of living an authentic faith. I also agree with the Womb Mother that it is important to be obedient and faithful to the small things.
Here’s the real rub for me: What should I do when my submission to God’s will and teaching opposes my submission to other earthly relationships: friendship, family, citizenship, etc? Are American values always the same as Christian values? To whom should I give my constant allegiance? These are questions I hope we all ask and struggle with daily.
I want Christ’s teaching to influence every part of my life: my marriage, my teaching, my parenting, my friendships, my voting practices, and my hobbies. This is how I’m beginning to understand God’s authority. It is my chief end “to glorify God and enjoy God forever,” so I can only do that if I allow His will to infuse how I relate to everyone I come in contact: friends, enemies, the poor, the wealthy, the earth, the foreigner, my next-door-neighbor, the prisoner, the disabled, the student, the teacher, etc. etc.
I know I am really submitting to God’s will when I get weird looks from other people or when my actions, words, or thoughts oppose those actions, words, and thoughts of other earthly authorities. Jesus also got a few weird looks for healing on the sabbath, hanging out with tax collectors, talking with adulterous women, forgiving sins, and much much more.
So, my question: What happens when you are bombarded by various conflicting authorities? Who wins?
I want God’s authority to win,