I never thought that I would be that guy jumping up and down in my living room yelling at a swimming race of all things…..but I was. I get chills when the little guy does the “iron cross” on the rings or when the ice skater nails the “triple sow-cow double toe loop combo reverse”.

But there is a greater loser than the person who just misses the bronze in a race.  When the Olympics come to a city, the biggest losers are the working poor and homeless. In an attempt to clean up the reputation of a city, we remove eyesores which happen to be people in the case of the winter olympics in Vancouver on 2010. In spending a week loving the homeless of downtown Vancouver, their greatest concern was the legistlation that would move all street dwellers out of the city to redevelop all of the low income housing into high-rise condos for the wealthy. One guy said to me “Are we cattle or humans”?
Don’t get me wrong, I love the Olympic spirit and live 1 block from the Training Headquarters. But i see the protesters here in town who can’t believe we support China despite the way they treat many of their people and I’ve hear the cries of those in vancouver who will lose the transitional housing that once gave them a closer shot of actually getting off the streets.
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