I had to use a 25 cent word for “narrow vision” to refer to Nate’s comments about my vocabulary.
First, costs for higher education are sky-rocketing and we should question the “product” and the expense of our colleges and Universities. And, I have no doubt that Nate’s financial advisor gave him sound and thoughtful advice. I went to a random “Calculate Future College” website and came away with a wopping $250,000 figure that will send Ben to a small liberal arts college/University. That’s a lot of haggis.
But, I believe, there will always be affordable higher education. Let’s pretend our darling Ruthie is still living in Colorado when she graduates. She wants to live on campus, but she doesn’t want to be too far from her wonderul parents. She has choices: Colorado College is $46,900 a year, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs is just under 9, 000 a year, and a full load at the Community College of Denver would put you back about 5,000 a year. (These are not perfectly accurate numbers). And, although costs will rise in the next 15 years, the differences between private, state, and community insitutions will be relatively the same.
So, here’s my point. We need to get beyond the idea that a college name = status. Yes, there is a hierarchy of schools in this country. I’m sure that Ruthie might get a better education at Colorado College than she would at a local community college, but that also has a lot to do with Ruthie. I’m surrounded by amazingly intelligent, well published, scholarly educators who got their start at small, little-known, and some times community colleges. I am also amazed by those scholars and professors who attended elite colleges and universites.
Bloom where you’re planted. That’s what I’m preachin’.
Find a school that is in your price range, that offers you more than just academics, and that cares about you as a whole person, and not as a figure. (Check out more at http://www.jbu.edu/ –just a little plug)
the elder
P.S. I know that I teach at a small, liberal arts University that costs around 20,000 a year, but after just two days this semester, I will be willing to justify that cost to anyone.
P.P.S I hope Aunt Kris responds again.