(author: Brother Jake PhD)
At my university, I am now the coordinator of the Freshman Summer Reading Program. Every year, hundreds of colleges and universities assign a book for all in-coming freshman to read in order to introduce students to the life of an intellectual community. I love the program and am committed to seeing it succeed.
What has happened, however, is that directing this program has shown me just how resistant many students are to reading. It baffles me, really. What are we (parents, schools, churches, communities) doing to ruin reading for our kids. My son, Ben, begged me to read him a book before his oatmeal and applesauce this morning (if you know Ben, that’s a big deal). It saddens me to think that he will eventually lose this love to read.
How can reading be a part of our own spiritual development? How is reading necessary for living a productive, Christ-like existence?
I know Nate has opinions, because both of us were not big readers when we were kids