I feel as equipped to talk about reading as I do giving a lecture on being still.
But……i usually have a thought or two about areas I have no skill in, so here goes nothin.
I feel led to speak in bullets:
* Of course as Christians we must read. Without reading scripture for ourselves we just listen to watered down thoughts and opinions on faith, trying to spiritually survive off the left overs of others.

* Authors publish too many books and most books are way too dang long. Get to the point people! Not everything has to be the length of “War and Peace”

* Not sure what you academic types would say, but I think students read a bunch, but not the stuff you want them to. While Dr. Jake gets amped off card catalogs and the musty smell of periodicals, this generation reads blogs, websites and other pop literature. Does this count? A little bit?

* My final tidbit would be that we all have to find our reading style. Some like a little Fabio novel by the pool, others like to read a 12 book series on the rapture, while others like to scroll through the NY Times on their Crackberries. I happen to hate Fiction and have caught a bunch of jaw about it. My thought is to simply encourage people to read, which gives us all a better chance of understanding the world in which we live.

good to be back,
the younger