I may sound old fashioned, but I absolutely believe there is still absolute Truth. There are theological truths that I rarely waiver on.
What i was referring to in my original post can be called “little “t” truth” or peas and carrots. Here is the problem I run into; what is a pea to me can be a hunk of meat to you. I’ll give you an example using myself as the resident idiot. I was in a meeting full of guys and gals who serve in the family ministiries area of our church. We were studying 1 Peter and got into a discussion about women in leadership. I made the comment that I wish this would all go away so we could get on to bigger and better things. One of the females remarked, “of course it is not a big deal to you!” I responded with “touche”. She was very right. I’m male and white, so it’s easy for me to gloss over all kinds of issues.
last point: You may disagree with me,but here is how I have defined the meat from the peas. If it is salvific, then it is meat. If it is not, then it’s not.