(this is my brother’s response to a question I asked about Obama and his fall from rock star status in the eyes of many people)

Whether true or not, a historian once told me that it takes 50 years to appropriately and accurately analyze a particular Presidency. How long has President Obama been in office? Let’s give him a little time, shall we?

Secondly, I won’t let you get away with saying that you’re “apolitical.” You may not like the current two-party system (who does, really?), but as long as you pay taxes, drive on roads, send your kid(s) to public schools, check a book out of the library, enjoy the saftey afforded by the military, hike in national parks, etc. etc. etc., then you cannot be “apolitical.” I know that it’s a current trend for young Christians to denounce all politics, but as I said, that’s an impossible act unless you want to be Amish.

The question we should ask ourselves instead, “is how should Christians engage in politics?” Our voices must be heard in the public forums: war, homelessness, economic crises, abortion, marriage, healthcare, etc. etc. etc.

The prophet Samuel warned the people that desiring human leadership would only cause problems. We got what we asked for. Our political system is a part of the fall, so it’s our job to be the hands and feet of Christ in the world–that includes the world of politics.

That’s all I got: this was a “straw-man” argument in the first place. Let’s talk about how the National League hasn’t won an All-Star game in 13 years.

the elder