The cost of higher eduction is ridiculous. That is simple. There are affordable schools in this country; however, my guess is that most students and their parents choose schools as a status symbol. I strongly believe that students will receive strong educations at small liberal art schools, regional universities, major state universities, and large private, elite schools. All of these places have amazing programs, gifted professors, and motivated students. All of these places, too, have lackluster programs, tired and lazy professors, and spoiled lazy students.
Nate asks a provocative question when he says, “Dr. Jakers, what is your product worth?” My product is worth absolutely nothing without God’s great hand. Secondly, my “product” is the well-rounded, deeply grounded, critical, analytical, and spiritual Christian college student who sees all truth as God’s truth. One of John Brown University’s slogan is “head, heart, and hand.” Marquette’s slogan is “Cura Personalis” (care for the whole person). This is our product–the desire to educate the whole person, and not manufacture money-making machines.
The dividends of a quality education, however, are numerous