Thomas Jefferson wasn’t much on miracles or the supernatural. If you look at his version of the New Testament, you’ll notice that it is rather thin, because anything that appears super-human or super-natural was considered suspect to our 3rd president. (Jefferson was considered a Deist who was raised in an Anglican home. He was an enlightenment thinker who put all his eggs in the reason basket, therefore eliminating the scriptures that appeared unreasonable).

So what is the point? Glad you asked.
As I’ve studied Luke 1 this Christmas season, I see some pretty “unreasonable” things that happen to Mary( Gabriel informs Mary the virgin that she is pregnant by the Holy Spirit), and Elizabeth ( a barren grandmother who is told she is pregnant as well). Jefferson isn’t much on Gabriel, so you won’t find that part in his translation. When we take the miraculous works of God out of scripture, we have neutered the text or better yet we have “pared the claws of the Lion of Judah“.
Believe me, my finite mind is constantly baffled by the infinite God. Our mind has boundaries and God’s mind is unbound and limitless. The miraculous works in the Christmas story play a HUGE ROLE in the larger story, just like every miracle in scripture does. Miracles remind us of the divinity of God and the humanity of man. And in the Christmas story the divine closes the gap and lives amongst those He loves. Hence the name Emmanuel, God with us.