I had the opportunity a few months ag to go on Ryan Dobson’s radio show with he and his co-host and Andy Braner (Author, runs Camp Kivu, many years with Kanakuk Camps). Anywho, the main topic was about missions as it relates to families and youth. Dobson wanted me to share my philosophy of youth missions, so I did.
In short, I want our students to have a firm understanding of our call to love those that are literally next door. After the student has addressed some of the needs in our community we then expose them to national ministries ( gulf region etc), then to the border of Mexico (not anymore!) and then to a country like the Dominican or Jamaica and finally to one of our partners in India, Mongolia, Egypt or Cuba. All along this continuum, I want to encourage students to find an ongoing niche in their community where they can serve.
After I shared my thoughts, Andy Braner fires back during the interview and says that he likes to do the opposite with adolescents. He wants take students on an international trip that is on the extreme side (Uganda). Andy’s philosophy is that the students will come home with open hearts and eyes to see the needs of their community.

What do you think?