Please let me explain! Two common leaders found in the church. Do you know any?
1.The Seagull–  just when you begin to take ownership in a ministry, the Seagull leader swoops in, squawks a bunch, flaps his or her wings, hovers, poops on you and then leaves. But the seagull is not gone for long! Once you feed the seagull little morsels of control it will come back and back and back. Seagulls never die!
2. The Ronco Rotisserie ST5000- remember this guy? Good ole’ Ron Popeil was the infomercial stud who invented this amazing rotisserie where he’d say “just set it and forget it!” The Rotisserie leader sets it and forgets it. The volunteer has been asked by the Rotisserie to help lead a girls small group bible study and then they next time they here from the leader her girls are preparing for senior prom. Rotisserie leaders are usually good at inventing, but they forget to check back on the invention and see how it’s doing. Experts say that 1 out of 5000 inventions go on to be a successful product. Could it be said that the Rotisserie leader has a low success rate as well when it comes to cultivating long-term, fruitful volunteers?
Confession: I have a little seagull and a little Ronco in me. I know in my own life that these two styles revolve around one word: trust. As a seagull I often rob those I lead of trust, creativity and ownership. Leaders get pooped on in this model and so do students. The seagull creates mess, but deep down in its’ seagull heart it is afraid of the mess that could happen when students, other staff and volunteers get to have the reigns.
Now the Ronco has a different set of problems. The Ronco Rotisserie trusts too much. The volunteer who works under this model often wonders how they are doing or if they are even noticed. It’s like me telling the marriage counselor ” I don’t have to tell my wife I love her, she just knows it”, to which the counselor says BOOOOO!!!

No matter where you  land theologically, you can’t dismiss the fact that God gives his people a great deal of trust. I see a God throughout scriptures who gives me freedom through His Spirit, whose eye is on the sparrow and who repeatedly trusts boneheads like Peter, me and you.