Here are some quick responses to the previous post that generated more traffic than I would have thought. (you might want to read the first post to catch up on the conversation at )

* Yes the word parasitic isn’t exactly flattering. It would be fairly naive to think that the church and Young Life have always played well together. The tagline of this blog says “talking about the church with her beauty and blemishes” which speaks a little bit to my awareness of the dark side of the church. Disclaimer: I think the church has been parasitic throughout her history.

* Donald Miller, the author of Blue Like Jazz posted on his Twitter page saying; “Everywhere I go I meet people who have had their lives completely changed for the better by Young Life. So inspiring”. I agree with Miller! I continue to meet people who have had a real encounter with the living God through Young Life. I remember standing at Frontier Ranch a few years ago thinking about all the young people who have said “Yes” to Jesus at that place. For a large number of Christians, Young Life properties are considered holy ground, worthy of taking your shoes off.

* I still stand by my thought that Young Life is not set up to walk with each student from the beginning to the end of their physical/spiritual lives. With all the conversation that has evolved around delayed adolescence continuing into the late 20’s, we see all the more reason to have a good hand-off from Young Life to the church and other ministries. A good hand-off requires good sending and good receiving, it’s not one-sided.

* Today I was reminded of a meaninful conversation with one of my friends who was the Area Director of Young Life back in North Carolina. We met over burritos to talk about a specific student who was involved in both Young Life and my church. The focus of the entire conversation revolved around what was best for the student in terms of spiritual growth and development. I left Flaming Amy’s Burrito Barn that day with a sense that I had a true partner in ministry.

*In the comment section on the last post I asked Brandon Little ( a pastor and YL committee chair) to respond to a question that I want to ask the rest of you.
A YL area director friend of mine suggested that the church should make the first move in starting a relationship with Young Life. Agree or Disagree?

Have at it!