This is one of the most intense experiences of my life and I am overwhelmed in many ways and struggling to process. I don’t like reviewing art and I don’t like reading it either, I want to experience it. So, I won’t review much this week. Instead I will document the intersections of the sacred and the secular here at Sundance. In less than two days, here are the events that pound my heart, head and faith.
* I’m staying with a great Mormon family who have allowed us to hear some of the immense suffering they have faced and yet the graciously host us.
* I watched a short film about a bridge in Canada that many people choose to jump to their death from.
* My call to youth ministry was reaffirmed as I saw a film called Homework that will most likely make it to the cinema.
* I am processing the most bizarre documentary I’ve ever seen called Resurrect Dead. A few guys who attempt to solve a mystery about mysterious tiles that show up embedded in streets and highways all over the world. (I posted my review below)
* I sat in the Film Maker’s Lounge and participated in a discussion about Technology and Human Evolution with a person who worked with Facebook, a science journalist an author who wrote on our shrinking brains due to mass information and 2 filmmakers and their films about media, the brain and our connectedness or lack thereof. (I will write about this later on the blog. It jacked with my head!)

Resurrect Dead: The Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles

I don’t even know where to start with this documentary as I continue to process the motive of the main character as he attempts to solve the mystery of the Toynbee Tiles. Don’t know about these tiles? Most people don’t, but Justine Duerr and his 2 buddies from South Philly embark on a journey to find out who the tile artist is and to discover the meaning behind the 4 line statement that has been etched and then fastened to the streets in New York City, Kansas City and now South America and the rest of the world. The statement is;

In Kubrick’s 2001

The explanation revolves around a writer named Albert Toynbee, the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey and then the idea that dead molecules will become alive again on the planet Jupiter. The tiles also including sub messages that “all media should die” as well as messages about getting these message out to the U.S.S.R.


Resurrect Dead becomes less about the tiles and the mysterious artist and more about the relentless quest of Justin and his friends to solve this mystery over a ten year period. In a pivotal moment in the story, Justin and his team make a decision to let go of his obsession that begins to inflict on the privacy of a man they believe to be behind the tile phenomena. You will grow to love these bizarre guys on the journey or it will absolutely drive you nuts that they have dedicated their lives to a mystery the seems so bizarre and even trivial.