On my last post I kicked a hornet’s nest by referencing a quote that says “if you burn out in ministry it is sin and it is your fault”. You might want to read this dialogue as I have learned a bunch from it. The pushback was about assigning all the blame on the individual and not the system. What do you think?

This entire conversation got me thinking about a discussion I had with Adam McLane who works for Youth Specialties and is popular youth ministry blogger. On this post written by Adam about Twitter and social media, I asked a question about technology being a nuisance at home and I wanted Adams opinion on finding balance with social media.
Here was his response:
For me, it goes back to a question of mission. If my life is most fulfilled doing _____ or being ____ than I need to put that first. I believe a healthy marriage/family flows from a family with a clear mission. This concept that we need to keep family time separate from ministry time is really perverting the meaning of both ministry and family.

I have really chewed on these words from Adam. I was pissed and pushed back at first, but now I’m seeing some of the fruit of this statement. I’ll share more of my thoughts on this after you all begin to comment and hopefully Adam will chime in as well.

What are your thoughts?