Several posts ago I talked about the need for a title change because “volunteer” wasn’t cutting it. I had a eureka moment and realized that my best job description is that of a missionary. (The dude on the left is a kick in the pants eh? I found this on Google and couldn’t pass up on his overwhelming enthusiasm!)

I probably won’t call youth ministry leaders missionaries, but I would describe their role or position as a missionary.
Think about it; Missionaries…..

A) Must learn a foreign language, ie text, slang, grunting from adolescent boys.
B) Should understand context and history before entering in.
C) Missionaries should always have the posture of learning.
D) They are “image bearers” of God in each context.
E) They are flexible.
F) They see what Jesus is already doing and join Him!
G) For survival, they must be fully dependent on Christ.
H) It helps to have an adventurous appetite. ( pop rocks, McRibs, atomic warheads)

But really, we have a mission (missio dei) and a specific people group who are in desperate need of a love that does not let up.