There is a reason why football teams put coaches up on top of the press stands with binoculars, they can see what the coaches on the ground cannot. “Spotters” in NASCAR are the most important members on the crew because they warn the driver about blind-spots and potential wrecks.
I need spiritual spotters in my life.

I had to get over my manly pride, but now I am all ears to a select group of counselors, consultants and mentors. They all have 2 things in common; they want to see me/my ministry healthy and they don’t beat around the bush.

Show me a person who doesn’t have a “spotter” in their life and I’ll show you a person who is headed for a wreck. I don’t say this out of arrogance, only experience. Not only does having a “spiritual spotter” make sense, it is all throughout the scriptures.

As far as ministry is concerned, I just joined my favorite youth ministry consultant’s (Mark DeVries) team,Youth Ministry Architects as a staff consultant. I have leaned on Mark’s wisdom time and time again. YMA sets up shop in churches across the country for 3 days to listen to the dreams and challenges of all types of ministries, leaving you with a road map to fruitful youth ministry that fits the context of each church.

Whether you need a consultant or a marriage counselor, be prepared to allow someone to look through the proverbial underwear drawer. The more humility God gives me, the wider my heart and ears open to the spiritual spotters he has placed in my life.