Last weekend I posted one of my favorite articles about age separation in the church by Kara Powell and for this weekend I am posting another helpful article by Chap Clark.

The link to the full article is at the bottom, but below is a helpful section to give you a taste of what Chap is saying about assimilating youth into the full body of the church.

As Jim Burns of Youthbuilders and Mark DeVries of Family-Based Youth Ministry have said, “The degree to which students will stay in the church, get involved, and make significant life decisions for Christ is directly dependent on their sense of belonging to the community.” From here on out, the goal of any youth ministry must be that students see and experience themselves as participants in God’s family of faith.

A new definition, then, of the youth ministry task is “to assimilate authentic disciples into full participation in the life of the community of faith and the church.” This implies an individual faith as a necessary starting point, but by the time a student graduates, the measure of a program’s effectiveness must become how deeply and honestly the students have been connected to the larger body.

Chap lists several steps in the article for a ministry/church/family to take in order to lower the fences that separate the different generations in our churches. I believe that our current structure of church, especially in larger churches makes assimilation nearly impossible. This discussion involves discussion about new structures and that makes comfortable Christians nervous.


Here is the full article by Chap Clark from Youth Specialties