Within 10 seconds a new comer to your ministry decides if they will be able to connect or if they’ll never return again.

One thing I know about myself is that I’ll never be theologically aware until I’m environmentally comfortable. We as the church (not just the staff) have our work cut out for is in creating environments where theological awareness can eventually take place. One warning is that we don’t want to create the “Used Car Lot” environment where students are greeted by a bunch of cheese and a potential bait and switch. I’m convinced that each church and ministry has someone that is a great lover of people and can show the others how it is done. In business terms we need to do better at customer care, in spiritual terms our spiritual fruit must be more evident.

Things to think about and discuss:
1. What did the visitor last week experience in the first 10 seconds?
2. Who should be overseeing the first 10 seconds of your ministry?
(There is a student welcome team who wears shirts that say “We are feeling awkward so you don’t have to”)
3. What does your room smell like? Feel like? (AC) How is the room set up?

I’m dying to know how you and your ministry handle the first 10 seconds, our ministry could use some good advice!!!