Recently it seems that divorce in the Christian community around me has gotten out of control. Why? Have we (the church) helped prepare people for Godly, healthy marriages?

It is my observation that we in youth ministry focus on specific issues like pre-marital sex, dating, lust and we put much less focus on marriage.
“If you aim for nothing,
you’ll hit it every time”.

During a sermon today on marriage based on Ephesians 5 , I began to realize that this was a hugely important sermon for teenagers to hear and discuss. (I’ll post the sermon as soon as it is online) Do they really know what they are aiming for? Or are they just trying to obey a long list of do nots and should nots?

I think the reason I haven’t used the word “marriage” a bunch with teenagers has something to do with pushing them to grow up faster than they already are. I just didn’t want them to freak out about their future more than they already do.

Adolescents will benefit greatly if we paint the full picture of marriage in our teaching as painted in Genesis 2, Ephesians 5 to name a few. Our teenagers will benefit even more if people like you and I not only teach but live out our marriages in a way that honors Christ. (Teaching is easy, living out our teachings is where it gets tough)