My previous post got quite a bit of traffic as I questioned why the church does pretty well about talking to teens about sex but puts less emphasis on marriage. Here are some follow-up resources for those that find the topic interesting.

1. Here is the sermon I mentioned in the previous post that got me thinking about teenagers and marriage. Click on Contemporary Past Sermons on the middle right and then click on Dreams of a Resurrected Marriage, fast forward to 34:25 and pay close attention to the 3 types of dreams we have about marriage.

2. Here is a great article from Christianity Today called The Case for Early Marriage where the author makes some fascinating insights on chastity, purity and marriage as it pertains to young people. This is not your every day, run of the mill marriage article.

3. I think Dr. Andy Root is one of the most important voices we have right now about Divorce as it pertains to young people. Here is one of his resources, The Children of Divorce at