I have learned several things about myself and people in general since Rob Bell‘s book “Love Wins” came out less than a month ago.

1. We scold our children all the time when they talk negatively about a person they don’t know. We say things like ” don’t judge a book by its cover”. Many adults dropped the ball on this one when it comes to “Love Wins”.

2. As a person who works at a church, I was approached by many people about my opinion…I should have read it faster in retrospect.

3. When I finish “Love Wins”, will I disagree with some of his theology? Perhaps. When I read some of my past writings I often disagree with what I have written as well.

4. I love Creeds. Rob pretty much blasted off a mix of the Apostles and Nicene Creeds in his own way. In the days to come, each of us as Christians would benefit (and so would the Kingdom) from knowing such creeds.

5. “Black and White” people tend to be frustrated by Rob Bell. Folks who are at ease with questions and ambiguity don’t wiggle as much.