I’m a Presbyterian.
I’m no stranger to Creeds.
In short, a creed is an “I believe” statement that answers the question “why“?
Here is my “Blog-postles Creed”.

I believe doing ministry in a bubble stunts your growth.
Blogging about ministry with others in the mission bursts the bubble.
I believe it is becoming more of a challenge to meet with leaders for training.
Youth ministry blogging is another club in the golf bag of training.
I believe in blogging because I have much to learn and  a bit to share.
The comments or push-backs to my posts have helped to refine my thoughts.
If I come across as if I have ministry figured out, forward spam mail to me.
Blogging keeps me learning. If I cease to learn then I’m in the way.
I write knowing that students, parents, friends and youth workers are reading my posts, so I hope each blog causes you to think.
If my mother is the only one to read my blog, I will keep on writing.

My posts are my thoughts and they don’t reflect any ministries I work for, unless they want them too. 🙂