I was complaining to my neighbor last year about my yard and how growing grass was the bane of my existence. My neighbor, who is a retired professor of Religion at Colorado College said “Nate, growing grass in your yard is not God’s will. We live in a desert.” (Sam is right. Southern Colorado is the desert and grass is not native here.)

Ok, knock it off with the faith stuff for a second Sam!!! Sure, it is not God’s will…but how do I get grass to grow!!
Sam smirked at me with one of those wise grins and went back to working in his yard.

It is grass season again here in the desert and I’m more frustrated than last year, but as you can see I am remembering the words of my neighbor. Here is my eureka moment, this has little to do with growing grass in the desert.

Psalm 107:11 (a celebration psalm for the Jews returning from exile, but verse 11 speaks to the rebellious ones.) ..for they had rebelled against the words of God and despised the counsel of the Most High. I know this verse isn’t about planting grass, but look at the following verse; So he subjected them to bitter labor. Ha! I am the fruitcake trying to plant grass in the desert and now I feel like I’m subjected to bitter labor and spending a bunch of money on GROWING GRASS IN A DESERT!!!!

I admit that there are many times on the Christian journey where the will of God seems murky, distant and unattainable. Yet if we are honest, we know that there are portions of God’s will that are very clear and we steamroll right through them. For example, God has made it pretty clear throughout the scriptures that we are to love Him with everything we have and to love our neighbors as much as we love ourselves. Gulp. He also says quite a bit about how we steward our time, money and possessions. Double Gulp.

I am realizing through my pesky grass that God’s will is not as illusive as we may want it to be. Sure I have a list of questions that I need answered when I see the Lord face to face, but for now I know enough of His will to keep me busy.

P.S- Yes I know what Xeriscaping is! I’m praying about it.