My 4-year old Ruthie has show-and-tell every week at her pre-school and I love it. I love watching my daughter search around for something in her room that she is proud of and wants her friends to see. I always loved it when kids would bring some gnarly dog or angry cat to class, because drama would always happen. So why do early elementary teachers put up with stinky pets, broken toys and pictures from a family vacation to Branson, Missouri? I believe they understand the importance of not only having an “experience”, but sharing that experience to others. Secondly, it is that time where ALL kids have something to offer and don’t have to be a math whiz or the king of four-square to feel confident.

We must have more show-and-tell in our churches and youth ministries.

What are you doing in your ministry to let young people share about what God is up to in their lives? Many churches have youth sunday or let the kids report about a mission trip, but that is not enough. I admit that we need more show-and-tell in our weekly youth ministry and it doesn’t have to be some huge production.

I tend to overuse an analogy about my wife and I on the beach looking for sea glass. Kim finds all kinds of sea glass and I have never found one piece in all the years we lived on the beach. Why? I wasn’t really looking for the sea glass because I was so distracted by the smell of dead fish, or a big wave or a european tourist wearing a scandalous bathing suit. Kim always found sea glass because she was actually looking for sea glass. If I as a youth minister am about anything, it is to help my flock look for God. And If I’m all about them looking for God in the every day events of life then I believe I need to allow them to tell me about that.

What are some ways that you have seen the church embrace the  show-and-tell philosophy?