Simple, refreshing and a hair controversial if you will. The high performance rock show vs. the neighborhood relationships and the line that said “instead of making coffee, make disciples” both made me say dang. I serve a church that I love very much and we are trusting God to do something that on many days seems humanly impossible and probably is. We are a large mainline church who has reached thousands of people for Christ through a programmatic model. Now we are attempting to go from big and programmatic to spread out and missional. Theologically and on paper it looks great, until you take my coffee!!! I’ll admit, coffee and excellence in the music aspect of worship can be idols for me. It is pretty hip right now to have super expensive, fair trade coffee (which I adore), but it is one more thing that can delay our departure and fuzz our focus on showering our workplaces, schools and neighborhoods with the shocking grace of Christ.

And another thing, can large, established churches look like the church in this video without decreasing in size? I personally think that huge churches have a huge roadblock in front of them on their way to becoming a missional church. And you?

Video by the Foursquare Church